Multi-Media Presentations

Dale Sanders is available for a wide variety of captivating Multi-Media Presentations of his Photography and Video Adventures and Worldwide Travels!  
High Quality Multi-Media Visuals, incorporating both video and still images,  presented with music and an informative, inspiring delivery will leave your audience wanting more!  
Presentaion Topics cover a wide range of Subjects and Locations...  from the tropics to the high arctic... and from the deep sea to the top of the Andes!   Presentations can be customized to your specific audience!   Contact us for Rates and Availability!  

A recent Dale Sanders multi-media presentation was at the Royal Society of Canada's "Canadian Marine Biodiversity Symposium"  held at Victoria's Empress Hotel.
Below is a Sample Presentaion Flyer from a Presentation made for ImageQuest that was put on by the Professional Photography Association of British Columbia!