Dale Sanders 4K Video Productions


Recent Credits

"Finding The
Underwater Cameraman for this short documentary that follows the first indiginous fisheries diving team on southern Vancouver Island.

“Animal Impossible” - BBC / NHU and MIGU Video / China - 2020
Aerial / Drone filming of NUYTCO’s Deep Sea Submarine Operations for this brand new documentary  series for the episode “Giant Squid”.

 “Spotted Ratfish”- for NHK “WILDLIFE” Series - Japan - 2019  Aerial / Drone filming for the show, as well as serving as Underwater Camera Assistant/ Underwater Guide/ and “Ratfish Whisperer” to the “Japan Underwater Films” crew.

“The Octopus in My House”- BBC/ Natural World and PBS— 2019  Fixer/ Location Scout/ Underwater Guide/ Underwater Camera Assistant and “Octopus Whisperer” filming Alaskan Biologist, Dr. David Steele diving with the Giant Pacific Octopus. The PBS/Nature edit of the show is called “Octopus: Making Contact”.

"Hostile Planet"-NationalGeographic -2019 Underwater Camera Assistant - filming Moon Jellyfish for an episode of this National Geographic television series. 

“Guides d’ Adventures”(Adventure Guides) Series for unis TV- 2018  Underwater Cameraman - filming Rendezvous Diving Adventures in Barkley Sound for Balestra Productions for this Quebec TV Series.

“The Wild Canadian Year”- CBC / Nature of Things - 2017  Underwater Cameraman - Filming Giant Pacific Octopus with Eggs Hatching for the “FALL” Episode of this 5 Part Series.

“Man vs Octopus” - NHNZ / National Geographic - 2017  Credited as Additional Underwater Cameraman/ as well as Underwater Camera Assistant and “Octopus Whisperer” filming Giant Pacific Octopus for this National Geographic Octopus documentary.

“1491: The Untold Story of the Americas before Columbus” - APTN - 2017  - my Underwater Salmon / Aerial - Drone / Grizzly Bear and Orca Footage featured heavily in two episodes of this 8 Part Series for APTN.

“Big Pacific” - NHNZ - Documentary Series for PBS - 2017
 Credited as Additional Underwater Cameraman/ filming “Behind the Scenes” as well doing Underwater Lighting/Assistant Cameraman on underwater shoots of NUYTCO’s Deep Sea Submersibles diving on deep Sponge Reefs/ Wolf Eels on Eggs/ Giant Octopus hunting, for this 5 part series for PBS.

“Shark vs Predator” - National Geographic Channel - 2017
  My underwater footage of Dogfish Sharks feeding and footage of Giant Pacific Octopus were used in this Earth Touch documentary for National Geographic Channel.

“Arctic” - for TBS / Tokyo Broadcasting System - Japan - 2016
 Underwater and Aerial / Drone Cameraman filming Narwhals along the Ice Flow Edge in the Arctic for this TBS Japan Special.

“Strange Creatures” - Blue Ant Media for Love Nature Channel -2016
 Underwater Cameraman / DOP - filming several segments for this series including one on “Nudibranch” and one on “Grunt Sculpin”.

“Sockeye Salmon” - for NHK “WILDLIFE” Series - Japan - 2015
 Underwater and Aerial / Drone Cameraman filming the Fraser River/ Adams River Sockeye Salmon Runs for an episode of this acclaimed Japanese Television Series.

“Iceland” - for TBS / Tokyo Broadcasting - Japan - 2015
 Underwater and Aerial / Drone Cameraman filming in Iceland.

“Miracle Earth” - for TV Asahi Network - Japan - 2014
 Underwater Cameraman filming British Columbia’s rich Undersea World for an episode for this Japanese Television Series.

“Nigel Marven’s Whale Adventure” - for Channel 5 - UK - 2013
 Underwater Cameraman and Above Water Cameraman filming Nigel Marven diving with a Giant Pacific Octopus for the “Swimming With Giants” episode of this UK Television Series.

“Narwhal” - for iTQ/The Quest series for Nippon TV Japan - 2013
 Underwater Cameraman - filming Narwhals underwater along the Ice Flow Edge in the Canadian Arctic for this Japanese Television Series.

“The Wild West : Goldrush” - for National Geographic Wild - 2013
 My underwater time-lapse sequences of Sunflower Sea Stars running wild featured in this National Geographic Wild television series, as well as footage of Kelp Forests, Pink Salmon and Dogfish Sharks.

“Super Smart Animals” - BBC - 2012  Underwater Camera Assistant / Underwater Guide for a segment of this series on super smart Giant Pacific Octopus that raid fisherman’s crab traps.

“Secret Life of Predators” - National Geographic Television - 2012
 Fixer/ Assistant Underwater Cameraman / Underwater Guide and “Octopus Whisperer” for episode of this series filming Giant Pacific Octopus and Dogfish Sharks, as well as a number of other underwater denizens of British Columbia’s Underwater Wilderness.

“Into The Arctic 3D” - IMAX - MacGillivray Freeman Films - 2012
 Underwater Camera Assistant - We spent several weeks filming underwater beneath two meters of arctic ice with a giant IMAX camera, as well as a full month camping out on the Ice flow edge attempting to film narwhals and belugas underwater in the Canadian Arctic.

“Inside Natures Giants: Giant Squid” -Channel 4/ UK - PBS - 2010
 Additional Underwater Cameraman / Underwater Camera Assistant - filming the behind the scenes footage used in the show of the DOP and host interacting with a Giant Pacific Octopus.