Dale Sanders 4K Video Productions

Dale recently returned from an amazing 4K documentary shoot in ICELAND for Tokyo Broadcasting Systems.  Some highlights were filming underwater in 100+ meters of visibility in the incredible Silfra fissure between the continental plates... shooting aerials of Icelands stunning waterfalls and gysers... and being the first drone pilot permited to fly on the forbidden volcanic island of Surtsey!

Earlier this year he was on an epic three week expedition to the arctic filming in 4K...  also for Japan's TBS network...  shooting arctic aerials from his DJI Phantom drones, as well as filming NARWHALS underwater off the ice flow edge out of Pond Inlet on Baffin Island!  Over the past five years Dale has spent nearly three months working in Canada's high arctic... shooting more underwater video footage of Narwhals along the flow edge for yet another show for Japan's NIPPON TV Network...  as well as working as a member of a three man underwater IMAX film crew on a filming expedition to the north end of Baffin Island for the new MacGillivray Freeman IMAX film called  "TO THE ARCTIC".

Last fall Dale completed an exciting underwater and aerial filming project for NHK's acclaimed Japanese television series "WILDLIFE"...  working with a small Japanese crew on a documentary following the Sockeye Salmon on their epic journey up the Fraser River to spawn in the famed Adams River and other rivers of British Columbia. Here is a link to a webpage about the show:  http://www.nhk.or.jp/wildlife/program/p186_e.html

A year earlier he filmed underwater for the Japanese television series "MIRACLE EARTH" produced by the TV Asahi network...  for an episode featuring the rich marine enviroment found in the waters off Vancouver Island.  

As well watch for some of Dale's underwater footage in a recent NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TELEVISION Series called "THE WILD WEST - Episode: GOLD RUSH"... including some of his footage of Giant Pacific Octopus and Pink or Humpback Salmon... as well as some dramatic Time-lapse sequences of Sunflower Sea Stars.  His UNDERWATER TIME-LAPSE sequences (as well as a half dozen other short clips of his work) are viewable online in this short video clip from the show on the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WILD website: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/wild/the-wild-west/videos/50000-octopus-eggs/ 

Dale also recently filmed an underwater segment with giant pacific octopus for NIGEL MARVEN'S new "WHALE ADVENTURE" series which is currently airing on DISCOVERY WORLD here in Canada. Here is a trailer for the series:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=017P2e1UTQI , as well as a link to a short clip of the giant octopus segment from the show:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsyOOD_lhUk    Dale has filmed Giant Pacific Octopus in British Columbia for yet another Japanese Television show (FUJI Television)... and served as Giant Octopus wrangler and "behind the scenes" underwater cameraman for the British Television series "INSIDE NATURES GIANTS - GIANT SQUID".   He also spent a month coordinating and providing underwater camera assistance and location support in British Columbia for yet another National Geographic Television series called "SECRET LIFE OF PREDATORS"...  and provided underwater camera assistance on an Giant Octopus segment for the BBC television series "ANIMAL EINSTEINS".

Dale Sanders Productions is now producing broadcast quality "4K STOCK FOOTAGE" as well as being available For Hire.  Specializing in Aerial, Marine and Underwater 4K and HD Video Productions...  our Stock Video Library now includes breathtaking underwater and aerrial imagery of Sockeye Salmon from the 2010 and 2014 Adams River Salmon Run as well as some stunning visuals of tropical Coral Reefs from Papua New Guinea and Indonesia!  With the addition of a DJI PHANTOM quadcopter we are now also adding exciting New 4K AERIAL FOOTAGE to our collection!  And with our own trailerable 19 foot aluminum boat serving as our diving and shooting platform...  we are able to affordably produce the footage you need!

Over the years Dale Sanders has assisted or served as a fixer providing location support to some of some of the top underwater cinamatographers in the world including Adam Ravetch, Bob Cranston, Chuck Nicklin, Peter Kragh, Stan Waterman, Neil McDanial and Watervisions!  He is still available for production and location support for your project...  as well as being able to shoot "behind the scenes" video and production stills!  

Having dived in the waters of British Columbia for over thirty years and having produced a coffee table book on the region ("THE EMERALD SEA" - Published in 1993 by Whitecap Books)...   you can be sure that if you are looking to film a project here... Dale Sanders can find the subjects and stunning imagery that you are looking for!  

***Please Check Out my New UNDERWATER BRITISH COLUMBIA SHOWREEL below!    PLEASE NOTE: These YouTube films are Very Highly Compressed and Do Not Show the True Quality of the Original Video!  To see the video in its True High Quality 1080P High Definition format... Please Call Now for Stock HD Video Samples and Rates!